Project Description

Are you our potential learner planning to engage with communities at a relatively higher level, empowering them, enriching their networks and increasing their social and economic capital whether at personal, village, sub county, county or national and regional level?

Why you should take this course at CSAEA:

Selecting ‘Group Dynamics and Leadership’ as your Proficiency Course at CSAEA gives you relevance, creates an interest and re-aligns your focus on hands on application in facilitating community entities towards agricultural development and general livelihood improvement.

You can then plan to venture into a full 2-year Certificate Course at the same CSAEA or opt to take on several of these Group Dynamics and Leadership sessions while continuing to facilitate communities to come together for synergy creation and collective action in addressing developmental agenda.

Added benefit to this Course:

  • CSAEA has elaborated networks with communities across Eastern Africa, its greatest strength being its direct work with communities in 14 Counties in Kenya. Your enrolment for this course at CSAEA increases your chances to be networked to such communities and much more as you seek to make your relevance in Community Empowerment Work.
  • A practical session will be offered to you with this course at the expense of the College on your behalf.
  • Upon completion of your 1-week course, you will be handed a ‘Proficiency Certificate in Group Dynamics and Leadership.’

Date of Course: November 2020

Venue of Training: CSAEA – Thika-Garissa Road, Kilimambogo, Makutano Junction.

Period of Course: 1 week [7 full days]

Cost of Course: Kes. 15,000/-

[Excludes cost of meals, transport and accommodation. CSAEA offers these services to its proficiency course learners at discounted rates. You are invited to call and negotiate for a viable package that suits your ‘pocket’ and enjoy the full benefit for undertaking a Group Dynamics and Leadership Proficiency Course at CSAEA.